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Mason Pearson

Over one hundred years ago, the founder Mason Pearson developed and patented the Mason Pearson Hair Brush, which is unique in that it is not mass-produced. This original hairbrush is no ordinary hairbrush. It proves to be the ultimate grooming tool with the finest grade boa bristle that gently soothes the hair and scalp. These bristles optimize brushing because they distribute the natural oils of your hair evenly while at the same time exfoliating the scalp. Its patented pneumatic cushion conforms to the shape of the scalp, providing comfortable and feel-good brushing. Each hairbrush is uniquely manufactured in England and is provided with a one-year warranty against any defects. This authentic hairbrush not only creates an amazing feeling on the scalp, but also helps keep hair healthy and smooth. No matter the texture of your hair, a Mason Pearson brush will conform to your hair type and you will be left with silky, smooth, healthy hair.

Why Choose Mason Pearson?

Mason Pearson created a brush that could give your hair the best chance at looking and feeling its best. This high-quality hairbrush will give you optimum results that you will enjoy. However, there are a variety of reasons of why the Mason Pearson hairbrush is set apart from other brushes.

  • Super Gentle
  • Detangles Effortlessly
  • Stimulates the Scalp
  • Is available in many versions
  • Attends to all hair lengths and types
  • It will last forever
  • Comes with a one year warranty

Mason Pearson hair brushes are not mass produced, which means most the work is crafted by hand, using techniques pioneered by Mason Pearson himself over one hundred thirty years ago! Its rubber-cushioned pad delivers efficient as well as effective brushing, which produces the gentle rubbing sensation on the scalp. The hairbrush is still offered with its original wooden handle, but a lot of the brushes are now made with plastic handles. Though the new plastic handle is actually better because it removes any sharp edges and adds more comfort to the hand, many enjoy the classic look that the wood offers. Choosing a Mason Pearson hairbrush will be the best decision you could ever make for your hair.

The Hairbrush Like No Other

Made in London, England, the Mason Pearson Hairbrush is crafted to ensure high quality and premium results. Using the same techniques patented by the founder, Mason Pearson, keeps the originality of the product because that’s what it is famous for. When selecting a Mason Pearson brush, be sure to start by picking out a bristle type. Pure bristle, bristle and nylon, or nylon. Next, customers can choose from a wide variety of model sizes such as large, medium, handy, pocket, large military, or medium military.

At the end of your shopping experience, you get to choose the color you wish to enjoy most! The ability to fully customize your Mason Pearson Brush is what makes this product so enjoyable. You can choose a brush for every occasion to ensure your hair stays in ultimate condition no matter where you are. At Brushexpress, you can choose a Mason Pearson brush for your hair type, and see the miracles this outstanding hairbrush can do for your hair.

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