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Spornette My Favorite Small Wood Paddle Brush (#5160)

Spornette My Favorite Small Wood Paddle Brush (#5160)

Price: $10.89

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  • MEDIUM SIZED BODY WITH 9 ROWS OF BRISTLES: This brush is the Classic Spornette paddle design in a medium size. This brush is easier to use in shorter hair lengths and medium hair lengths just like the full sized paddle. Perfect for straightening and smoothing all hair types including kinky, curly, wavy, thick or dense hair. This brush can be used with or without a blow dryer daily. Excellent for men, women and children.
  • FOR STRAIGHTENING AND SMOOTHING HAIR: Paddle brushes are the brush of choice if you smooth or straighten your hair during your blow out. These wide surfaced brushes allow for larger sections to be dried at the same time and help smooth the cuticle down when use with a blow dryer. The Anti Static design and the proper tension nylon bristles make this the ideal daily blow out brush.
  • BALL TIPPED NYLON BRISTLES FOR COMFORT: This brush features spornettes signature ball tipped nylon bristles. These bristle have just the right amount of flex to detangle but keep hair healthy by preventing snags and breakage. The bristles never poke or are irritating. Great for people with sensitive scalps or children.
  • CLASSIC CUSHIONED BODY: This brush adds another layer of comfort with it’s ultra luxurious cushioned pad for comfort and hair health. The bristles are held in a cushion that forms to the head when there is pressure and ensure complete comfort during brushing, detangling or blow drying. This cushion also gives when hair is snagged to help prevent breakage and too much tension on the hair which can lead to split ends.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, ANTI STATIC WOOD BODY PAINTED BLACK: If you detangle or blow dry your hair regularly you want a lightweight and durable brush that won’t cause frizz or static. This lightweight paddle is made from wood to keep weight low and ensure there is no static created during brushing. The brush is coated black paint for a clean, professional look.


 The Spornette Paddle Brush is a standard in beauty and a must have brush if you straighten or smooth your hair regularly. This processional brush features an anti static wood body with a flat working surface to take larger sections of hair and make for speedy drying and smoothing. This brush is lightweight and ideal for all hair types. In particular this brush is good for smoothing curly, kinky, wavy, thick, coarse and damaged hair. 

The cushioned brush makes for a comfortable detangling experience by giving way when there is pressure and not snagging or breaking hair when caught. This cushion body contains rows of ball tipped nylon bristles that are rigid enough to distribute products like gel or mousse but gentle enough to sway when there is too much tension on the section. 

Spornette Styling Brushes have hair styles since the 1950s. Hair styling has come a long way and Spornette is proud to have led the brush industry. Spornette knows high quality brushes, that outperform are essential styling hair well. Spornette remains on the cutting edge of technology and continue to create new, innovative and inspiring brushes for our customers. More importantly, it means keeping your hair styled beautifully.

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