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Mason Pearson


Are you looking to get shiny and healthy hair without having to buy expensive hair serums or spending at the salon? Mason Pearson hairbrushes were designed by Pearson himself to keep your hair looking and feeling just like you stepped out of the parlor simply by brushing your hair. From the natural boar bristles, nylon bristles and Mason Pearson’s famous rubber pad design, now you can get hair that looks and feels its best naturally.

In the 1800’s and early 1900’s, specialized hair serums were not yet invented to solve specific hair problems. So, Mason Pearson worked tirelessly to deliver the best and most luxurious hairbrush for the benefit of each and all hair types. His experience in the wool processing industry, which sparked his eventual invention of the automatic brush-boring machine, allowed him to mass-produce his patented hairbrush design.

That effort came without disappointment, as stylists, men, women and children of all ages, are still using Pearson’s designs today. With his belief that hair brushing should be a pleasurable and personal experience, Mason Pearson invented a unique rubber cushion pad design, made by hand using his original techniques. This allowed for massaging of the scalp, as well as excellent surface cover.

The special tuft design effectively and efficiently distributes your natural oils (sebum) throughout the whole hair shaft, resulting in healthier and shinier hair. No longer will expensive professional treatments and products be the only way to get great looking and healthy hair. Customers have also responded astoundingly at the ease and comfort of the detangling process.

There is no need to fight through the knotted hair, as the tufts help the brush pass smoothly through without hurting your head or neck, and most importantly, without losing your hair. Choosing the right Mason Pearson hairbrush to maintain and style your hair is important in the hair care process.

Brushes don't come with the same descriptive labels as shampoo bottles, so choosing the right brush is necessary for sthe health of your hair. Luckily, it’s as easy as knowing your hair type.

Over the years, customers have claimed that the pure nylon tufts are ideal for managing thick and wiry hair, the pure bristle tufts are gentle for thin, fine, or normal hair, and the bristle and nylon tuft mix will do wonders for normal to thick or long hair. To address comfort, there are different sizes to choose from.

For adults there are the large, medium, handy and pocket. Choosing the right size of hairbrush depends mainly on the size of your hand - you will want the brush to be held comfortably in your hand.

Each of Mason Pearson's hairbrushes are carefully made to last as long as possible and use the same techniques pioneered and patented over one hundred years ago, so that with proper care, they should give you a great service for a long time.